Set a custom time limit for Heroku CI builds

When spinning up a new project recently, I decided to try out Heroku CI, and I’m pleased to report that there’s a lot to like. If you’re already running your app on Heroku, adding Heroku CI is a breeze. And because you only pay for the dyno time you use, you can choose high-performance dynos for fast builds without breaking the bank.

Code together in real time with Teletype for Atom @

For the last few months, @nathansobo, @as-cii, and I have been using Teletype to build Teletype. We’re excited to share it with the world! P2P collaborative editing for developers, where everyone gets to code with their own config (keyboard shortcuts, themes, fonts, etc.).

As creative as we make time to be

Our creative products represent the best ideas we’ve had so far — the best ideas available to us based on the time and space we’ve allowed for creativity so far.