If you’ll be in or around the Princeton, NJ area this coming Tuesday (June 5th), mark your calendars for a special Groovy and Grails double-header at the Princeton Java Users Group.

Andrew Glover (co-author of Groovy in Action and author of IBM’s “Practically Groovy” series) will be presenting his talk on Real World Groovy, which will introduce several of Groovy’s handy roadside assistance offerings (including Groovlets, GroovySQL, Groovy Templates, and Builders). Andy will also shed light on when and how to call in that kind of support while traveling down the sometimes rocky road that is modern Java development. (And oh yeah, watch out for the rulers!)

And of course, web development makes up a big part of that road, but that journey needn’t be rocky any longer either. In my presentation on Getting Started with Grails, we’ll see first hand how Grails spares us from the typical flat tires and oil leaks (most likely caused by those sharp angle brackets scattered everywhere) and instead treats us to a turbo-charged development experience.

The meeting starts at 7 PM. Hope to see you there!