Want to help convince your peers to take Grails for a spin? Are you looking to give a presentation to your dev team, your company, or perhaps a local user group? If you’d rather not have to assemble a presentation from scratch, I’ve got good news for you: you can now grab the raw Keynote files and demo code for my Grails presentations on GitHub. (If you don’t have Keynote, no worries: the PDFs are available as well). And it’s GitHub, so feel free to fork, customize, and spread the good word. Remember: As long as there’s an IDE somewhere with an open struts-config file, there’s a developer in need of help.

If you’re not using Git yet, well, you should be. Seriously. But that’s a different post altogether. In the meantime though, you can download any of the presentations as a zip file or tarball. Just look for the “download” button on the GitHub page for each presentation.