The first print copies of Scott Davis’s new book, Groovy Recipes: Greasing the Wheels of Java, debuted last week at 2GX.

2008-02-27 Groovy Recipes Cover

I had the pleasure of reviewing the book prior to its release, and I’m happy to say that Scott has clearly assembled the go-to guide for turning Groovy into every Java developer’s perfect utility knife. Whether you need to quickly parse an Atom feed, serve up an Excel spreadsheet from your Grails app, or create a tarball on the fly, this book will show you how. In true Groovy style, Scott does away with all unnecessary ceremony and gets right down to business. In almost every section, the very first thing you see is code - the recipe for solving to the problem at hand - and if you want to stick around for the clear and informative explanation, well, that’s strictly optional.