After a HUGE week of Groovy and Grails news, the momentum culminates today at the first International Grails eXchange in London.

20071017 Grails Exchange Logo

In case you missed it, the past week has offered announcements including…

Graeme and Guillaume kicked off the conference with a Groovy and Grails “State of the Union” keynote highlighting the remarkable momentum behind these two projects, the significant advancements each project has seen this year, as well as a look at the road ahead. The next three days promise a wealth of information, and not just on Groovy and Grails, but also on Hibernate, Yahoo! UI, Dojo, Spring, Sitemesh, Flex, and other collaborating technologies.

And other technologies (even ones that may not necessarily be commonly thought of as Groovy/Grails collaborators) have a presence here as well. Rock on! I’m consistently impressed by the growing cross-pollination and cooperation between these communities: the leading dynamic languages on the JVM.

So tune your feed readers to Technorati and Google, and keep an eye out for seriously good stuff coming out of the inaugural Grails eXchange.