InfoQ recently posted the video of my presentation on Grails from QCon San Francisco. If 50 slides in 50 minutes sounds a tad formulaic and tired to you, then you’re in luck. Instead, you’ll see 50 slides in about 5 minutes, followed immediately by 50 minutes of no-nonsense live coding goodness.

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In what could perhaps be described as a series of 12 back-to-back lightning talks, you can see what it takes to go from a blank slate to a deployable Grails app including…

  • defining domain classes,
  • setting up relationships,
  • hooking up a database,
  • establishing constraints and validation error messages,
  • enjoying sexy dynamic finders,
  • applying custom URL mappings,
  • working with tag libraries,
  • encapsulating business logic in services,
  • integrating with existing Java code,
  • sending e-mail,
  • finding and installing plugins, and
  • locking down the app with secure authentication and authorization

There’s some good Q & A in there as well. Unfortunately not all of the questions came through on the audio, but in most cases you can pick up the context from the reply.

You’ll also hear me reference Charles Nutter’s JRuby talk a few times over the course of the presentation, and I recommend checking out that video as well.