• More evidence that 100% test coverage is just a good place to start.

  • And here I thought perhaps it was finally time to drop BASIC from my resume. §

  • Dave Klein takes on a gnarly Oracle schema using the Grails ORM DSL. If you’re dying to see some XML or annotations in use, then well, you need help, and this tutorial simply ain’t for you.

  • Git repo containing the complete Rails source code and it’s entire revision history: 21.9 MB. SVN checkout of the current Rails source code with no history: 23.8 MB. Convinced yet?

  • Safari 3.1 hits the street, now with more cowbell marginally better dev tools. Oh well, it’s still feels like the best fit for day-to-day browsing, but it’s got a long way to go if it’s ever gonna compete with Firebug for some real web developer love.

§Link courtesy of Rob Sanheim.

Link courtesy of Stu Halloway.