Streamlined 0.9 is now available for download. From the rich and handy quick-add interface to the super-flexible and highly-interactive advanced filtering, this release packs a big punch in terms of quickly empowering your end users with a serious data management interface. In addition to introducing the aforementioned heavy hitters, it also makes standard many common idioms to increase the overall usability of your apps (e.g., auto-labeling for required fields) and offers some optional usability enhancers (mmmm, tasty breadcrumbs) as well.

Of course, those are just some of the many improvements available in Streamlined 0.9. Be sure to check out the release notes for full details, including screen shots and links to additional docs.

As we approach 1.0, Streamlined continues to position itself as the solution for developing an instant, production-ready UI for your ActiveRecord models. So, what are you waiting for? Stop banging rocks together and build something!