The latest episode of the Java Posse, the premier podcast for all things Java, mentions the recent Grails + EJB3 article on InfoQ.  It's Episode 80, and you can hear what they have to say in the Quick News items at about the 43:25 mark.
InfoQ has a detailed article on using the Grails framework,which is a Groovy-based alternative to Ruby on Rails, to access EJB3 domain components (or domain objects).  All the way from entity objects over to back-end database tables through to a fully-working web user interface. It's a long article, but if you're interested in seeing what Grails is all about, it's, I think, the most complete Grails tutorial I've seen yet, and nicely covers the domain of integrating Grails with an enterprise system.

Thanks to the Java Posse for continuing to spread the word about Grails and Groovy. 

If you're not familiar with the Java Posse, I highly recommend that you check out the podcast.  The newscasts provide a great way to stay up-to-date, and the interviews offer insightful access to the industry experts behind the news.