I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Kimsal for a diverse and enjoyable episode of WebDevRadio. Over the course of about 30 minutes, we tackle such topics as Groovy, Grails, Ruby, Streamlined, and the No Fluff, Just Stuff tour.

If you’ve listened to WebDevRadio in the past, you know that Michael comes primarily from a PHP and Perl background. Throw those languages in the mix with Ruby and Groovy, and that’s a whole lot of dynamic language goodness for 30 minutes of podcasting! (We try not to leave any of the low-level languages too battered and bruised, but their extra baggage has simply become too much to bear for day-to-day application development.)

While the podcast itself is obviously intended to focus on web development, in this particular interview, developer productivity may very well outshine web development as the overriding theme. We discuss the profound impact of convention-over-configuration, the future of opinionated software, and whether there’s ever such a thing as too much choice.

Many thanks to Michael for having me on the podcast.

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