If you'll be in or around Charlotte, NC on February 21st and you're interested in Grails (or perhaps you're not yet interested, but you're looking for ways to speed up your web development efforts), make plans to drop by the Charlotte Java User Group where I'll be presenting an introduction to Grails.  At 6:30 PM, the meeting will kick off with a round of lightning talks, which is a great way to hear about new and interesting things that folks are doing with Java (and Java-related technologies).  Then, we'll get into Grails, and be sure to leave some time for Q & A as well.

Once again, I'll have free Groovy and Grails books to give away.  I'll be handing out several copies of both The Definitive Guide to Grails (by Graeme Rocher) and Groovy in Action (by Dierk Koening, et al).  If you're in the area, reserve your spot, and come check out one of the the Java platform's most exciting up-and-coming technologies.   

Many thanks to Apress and Manning for their kind support.