The Testing Anti-patterns series began as a conference presentation titled How to Fail With 100% Test Coverage, and I recently had the pleasure of presenting that talk at the Raleigh-Area Ruby Brigade (raleigh.rb). Matthew Bass was kind enough to record the audio from the event, and I’ve taken a stab at syncing that audio with the slides for a full-on multimedia extravaganza.§


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Wanna see this talk live? Check the schedule for an event near you.

§ Keynote’s Quicktime recording/exporting has a seemingly diabolical sense of humor. For comedic effect (or perhaps to make sure you’re paying attention), it likes to randomly shuffle the slides every once in a while. So in the video, you’ll notice that unfortunately the slides and the audio don’t always line up just right. If you find it too erratic, then it may be easier to listen to the audio and advance the slides manually. And if you see Tyler Durden make a cameo, well, it was probably just Keynote having a laugh.