In the spirit of Andy Glover’s Weekly Bag and Bill Dupre’s frequent batches of Whatever, herein lies the first installment in a (sure-to-be-sporadic) series of Noteworthy Nonsense.

  • iPhone web app authors rejoice! (Yes. You read that right. Web-app authors.) Test your web apps using the official iPhone simulator. (And, oh yeah, you can go native now too…but the lack of RubyCocoa support is a bit of a downer.)

  • A plugin that lets you run Struts 1.x code inside a Grails app? Yeah, I cringed too, but this will surely be a welcome migration path for those folks trapped in the land of *.do.

  • Are SVN users suffering from the Blub paradox? Linus pulls no punches in offering up his take on this matter.

  • Dan Benjamin’s back with the Leopard edition of his definitive “how-to” guide for rolling your own installation of Ruby, Rails, and friends.

  • The last time Glen Smith declared a month o’ Grails, he showed the community just how very much is possible with merely an hour a day. Now Glen’s at it again, but this time it’s MockFor(March). If history is any indicator, expect Glen to blaze new trails in the land of Grails unit testing. Glen: It takes GUTs, but I’m rootin’ for you!

  • Speaking of good unit tests, Jay Fields announced a new version of the expectations gem, complete with a healthy dose of example code. One expectation per test? Saying “goodbye” to cumbersome test names? Jay’s onto something here.