Next Saturday, March 21, Viget Labs and Relevance, Inc. are presenting Developer Day, a one-day conference representing a veritable cornucopia of high-tech awesomeness.

200903 Developer Day

Here’s the rundown:

Staying current with the ever-evolving technological possibilities can be challenging, but you love trying. Why? Because you’re a fantastic web developer who loves building things, (and, frankly, that’s just how you roll).

Which is why this conference is perfect for you.

Hear eight presentations given by active practitioners on topics ranging from JavaScript and Scala to Rails performance and security. Each is tailored to give you insight into various topics that may positively influence how you work, regardless of your specialization.

So, come meet cool people, eat some lunch (from local Durham restaurants), and give yourself the day to learn and participate in several great discussions — all for the low, low price of $50.

I’ll be speaking about taking your Git-fu to the next level.

Evolving your Git workflow

Git has attracted many developers away from various centralized source control tools, but it’s easy to find yourself using Git like a slightly-better variant of your old VCS. “You don’t even have to be online to commit. Cool!” That’s a nice touch, but Git has way more to offer, and by picking up a few intermediate and advanced Git techniques, you can save a ton of time (and sanity) for yourself and your team.

Check out the site for registration and full details. Hope to see you there!