Getting Started with Grails, Second Edition

The first edition of Getting Started with Grails was well received. Matt Raible even dubbed it “the perfect book to learn the basics of Grails quickly.” But technology moves fast, and Grails has certainly been no exception. Much has changed since the days of Grails 0.3—the then-current version of Grails in January, 2007. So when Scott Davis offered to bring Getting Started with Grails up to date, who was I to say “No?”

Today, Scott and I are pleased to announce that the second edition of Getting Started with Grails is now available as a free PDF [1]. Or, for those that prefer the crisp feel of the printed page, the paperback version is available as well.

In addition to being the first book fully compatible with Grails 1.2, the second edition expands on the coverage of the first edition. You’ll find entire new sections tackling a variety of key topics from plugins, to codecs, to services, and more. And thanks to the testability improvements introduced in Grails 1.1, you’ll also find an increased emphasis on testing.

Still here? What are you waiting for? Grab the book and get started. We hope you enjoy it!

[1] InfoQ requires that you register before you can download the PDF, but registration is free and only takes a moment.