So you’re hanging out in New York City tonight, and you’re not sure yet what to do? Umm, does free food and an open bar peak your interest? Yeah? Then come talk tech at the Web 2.0 Meetup tonight at 6:30.

We’ll kick off the evening with a unique look at Grails and how it exemplifies several pivotal trends in web development today.


In this unique and interactive session, we’ll explore the guiding principles behind the exciting Grails framework and how those core concepts enable an uncommon level of agility. And while many developers will welcome the productivity gains alone offered by Grails, it’s those underlying ideas that may very well reflect a new era of software development on the horizon. We’ll discuss why those concepts are here to stay and how we can all expect to benefit from them, regardless of our current language or platform of choice.

As mentioned in the abstract above, this will certainly be an interactive session. Come share your thoughts. What trends are you seeing? Are they for the better? What other movements are in the works? - It’s an open bar, so the creativity should be flowing quite freely. ;-)

Web 2.0 Meetup
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Slate Plus
54 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

Hosted by (Did I mention free food and an open bar?! These guys now how to put on an event!)

I hope to see you there.