What are people saying about Getting Started with Grails?

One of my all-time favorite technical books.

Ken Kousen, Author of the upcoming book, Making Java Groovy

I wish there was a book like this for all new technologies I look at. I highly recommend this book.

Darrel Davis

This is the perfect book to learn the basics of Grails quickly.

Matt Raible, Creator of AppFuse

Jason is an accomplished presenter, and is currently on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour. If you have a chance to see him present, go see him. He’s entertaining and informative, and will certainly give you quite a lot to absorb about. At least one of his Grails presentations is based on the contents of the book. When I saw him, he walked the group through Grails using the “racetrack” tutorial his book is based around. If you’re not fortunate enough to get to see him in person, get this book - it’s the next best thing.

Because of the tutorial-style nature of Getting Started with Grails, this is the first book I point people to whenever evangelizing Grails. If you’re interested in learning Grails, this is the fastest way to get started!

Michael Kimsal, Editor of GroovyMag

A great book, on both Grails and how to write a solid intro programming book. Totally worth the $20.

Don Franke

I just finished up Getting Started with Grails, the free book from InfoQ by Jason Rudolph. An excellent book. Thanks Jason! I thought it was so good I decided to pay for it (even though it's free) to help support the author and InfoQ.

Steve Finck

For a newbie, I thoroughly recommend Getting Started with Grails. (The PDF is free and the paper copy is pretty cheap, too). I've knocked up a live CRUD app for my main employer using just that book. It walks you through building an application at a sensible pace, without assuming you're some sort of Java guru. ;-) I'd especially recommend it to people coming from a LAMP background.

Nicolas Doye

Ok, so I've finished the book. And first off, I should say that I think Jason Rudolph is a very good author in communicating Grails to the newbie. He really has a skill in taking you organically into the subject matter, and his writing style is relaxed and "easy on the eyes." Nice one Jason!

Darryl Pentz

If you are looking for a nice introduction to Grails, this is the one. If you want a book to often revisit Grails concepts easily, this can be the one also.

I strongly recommend it.

Felipe F. Nascimento

Jason does an excellent job presenting Grails in a well organized and easy to follow format. I especially like his choice of building the example RaceTrack application. It's so refreshing not having to work though the bookstore example yet again.

Tharwat Abdul-malik

I downloaded your free eBook Getting Started With Grails a little while ago, and I've already worked through the first 60 pages to grok the examples. I can't make myself put it down. You have a marvelously clear and concise writing style that makes me feel right at home learning Grails (and some Groovy to boot!).

I have been searching for material like this for over a month now, and here it was in your book the whole time. I have learned more about how to use Grails in the past two hours by reading your book, than I have in the past month trying to learn it on my own.

Thanks for the fabulous kick-start of my Grails machinery!

—Michael Aube

I started reading this book around 4pm one afternoon, and I didn't stop until 3am the next morning. I never knew Grails was so cool! I was especially excited because I had just finished a project using Struts 1.3. What a nightmare that was, and what a dream come true Grails is.

Jim Dewberry

I wholeheartedly have to recommend InfoQ’s Getting Started With Grails mini-book by Jason Rudolph, which is one of the best pieces of IT tutorial / documentation I [have come across] the last months.