Noteworthy Nonsense - March 9, 2008

Published on Sunday, March 09, 2008 in git, grails, iphone, nonsense, rails, ruby, and testing

In the spirit of Andy Glover’s Weekly Bag and Bill Dupre’s frequent batches of Whatever, herein lies the first installment in a (sure-to-be-sporadic) series of Noteworthy Nonsense.

  • iPhone web app authors rejoice! (Yes. You read that right. Web-app authors.) Test your web apps using the official iPhone simulator. (And, oh yeah, you can go native now too…but the lack of RubyCocoa support is a bit of a downer.)

  • A plugin that lets you run Struts 1.x code inside a Grails app? Yeah, I cringed too, but this will surely be a welcome migration path for those folks trapped in the land of *.do.

  • Are SVN users suffering from the Blub paradox? Linus pulls no punches in offering up his take on this matter.

  • Dan Benjamin’s back with the Leopard edition of his definitive “how-to” guide for rolling your own installation of Ruby, Rails, and friends.

  • The last time Glen Smith declared a month o’ Grails, he showed the community just how very much is possible with merely an hour a day. Now Glen’s at it again, but this time it’s MockFor(March). If history is any indicator, expect Glen to blaze new trails in the land of Grails unit testing. Glen: It takes GUTs, but I’m rootin’ for you!

  • Speaking of good unit tests, Jay Fields announced a new version of the expectations gem, complete with a healthy dose of example code. One expectation per test? Saying “goodbye” to cumbersome test names? Jay’s onto something here.